Gastric Bypass- RNY or Distal


When you have a Gastric Bypass- RNY or Distal you will need to supplement a multi-vitamin, calcium citrate, and possibly a protein if recommended by your physician.  Remember, this is something that you will need to take the rest of your life as your length of intestinal absorption has been significantly reduced.

Chewable multivitamins are typically recommended until 2 months after surgery.  After 2 months most physicians allow for patients to take non-chewable versions.

Reminder, each vitamin manufacturer has different dosages to gain the amount of vitamins required after surgery.  Make sure to view the Dosage Chart in each product to see the number of tablets needed to obtain the required dosage.

Remember if you are taking a vitamin that contains iron you don't want to take calcium at the same time.  You will want to take them 2 hours apart as taking them at the same time could decrease absorption as well as could cause abdominal discomfort. 

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