What not to do when taking bariatric surgery vitamins!! Multivitamin and Calcium

What not to do when taking bariatric surgery vitamins!

One of the biggest mistakes we see with bariatric surgery patients in regards to vitamins is when patients take both calcium and iron at the time.  This is a big no, no as it decreases the absorption rate of the products and can result in iron and/or calcium deficiency.  So what you want to do is look at your daily multivitamin and make sure that it doesn't have calcium within it.  Most bariatric specific vitamins have little to no calcium in their daily multivitamins as they under this rule.  So once you have a multivitamin that doesn't have calicum you will want to pick up a separate calcium supplementation.   You want to look for a product that has at least 500 mg of calcium citrate, not calcium carbonate.  Calcium citrate has been proven to have a superior absorption rate when compared to calcium carbonate.  Once you have both products you want to take them 1-2 hours apart.


8:00 am- Daily Multivitamin

10:00 am- Calcium Supplement

3:00 pm- Daily Multivitamin

5:00 pm- Calcium Supplement

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**Each individuals health profile is different so please use this information only as a guideline.  You will want to speak with your physician regarding individual supplementation to make sure your specific health needs are being met**


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